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Mic Schut and James Gates are NYC-based hybrid creatives, providing website design, graphic design and consulting services to individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. They are logo & branding would-be gurus, linguistic wizards, SEO streamliners, and innovative strategists, who fully support any type of creative design, digitally and in print.

Dutch-made Mic, with his renowned English art degree and 13+ years of experience, have made him a multifaceted professional with an artistic, yet utterly practical view on design, art direction, entertainment concepts, and advertising. He has some global recognition for flexibility and a quick turnaround.

English James’ love for toasted buttered crumpets belies a more serious interior. His extensive 15 year background, a mixed bag of graphic design and marketing, has been the launch-pad for an unbridled passion for creating the bold aesthetic, a sensitivity of design, the awe of spacial relationships, and the undeniable power of thoughtful verbiage.

As Creative Comrades they are born team players, trouble-shooters, ideas-sharers, free-thinkers and internationalists.

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